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Is Custom Web Design Better Than Templates in 2021?

If you have been paying attention for the last decade or so, you have probably noticed that it is simpler than ever to create a web site for your company. Many entrepreneurs may be wondering why they should bother using custom web design in the first place because of the site builders such as Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress.

With that said, both custom web design and site templates have their advantages and disadvantages and are inclined to be suited for certain audiences.

What Is Custom Web Design?

Custom web design means, “When a website is designed with 100% coding without using any templates, plug-in or platform; In other words, website designer design a site as per client’s requirements then that is a custom web design.”

Truly customized web design involves building a website from scratch using code. There aren’t any templates included, no pre-packaged images or anything of this kind. A lot of individuals falsely think that entirely customizable website templates rely on custom web design.

Website templates just permit you to customize webpages within predefined boundaries. Customized web design, on the other hand, allows you to control all aspect of the design procedure.

It takes an important skillset to make a fully customized site. If your company does not have an in-house web programmer, you will probably reach out to a digital marketing agency to create a personalized website for you.

Custom Web Design vs Templates

There are two ways to build your website; one is with custom coding that is hard and 100% customizable, and another is using templates that are easy to use but not totally customizable.

Before you make your mind use any of them, there are some pros & cons of both methods, so take a look and choose which one is best for you.

Is Custom Web Design & Development Better Than Templates
Image: Custom Web Design vs Templates

Advantages of Using a Template in Web Design

There are many advantages of using ready-made site templates that may benefit your company’s advertising ROI, speed-to-market, and marketing campaigns.

Not As Costly As Custom Website Services

This might not be much of a problem for bigger, well-established companies, but startups, smaller-scale businesses, and solopreneurs usually pinch pennies to make ends meet. Website templates are inexpensive.

You Can Build a Website in an Hour.

If you understand what you are doing, then you can throw a good template site within one hour or even less. You do not need to be concerned about working with code or any other dull aspects of creating a customized website. Basically, the challenging part was taken care of for you. You may just drag and drop until you are satisfied.

Practically Anyone Can Build a Website Using a Template

Nearly anyone can create a website nowadays with a fantastic website template. Some templates need a learning curve, but many of them are drag and drop, meaning that it does not require much brainpower to throw together a good website.

Disadvantages of Using a Template in Web Design

Website templates can be very tempting and appealing for website designers and smaller companies to use for a new website or just a new look. Without prior experience using website templates and knowledge about their disadvantages, making an educated decision can be difficult. Here we discuss the main reasons for not using website templates from an experienced developer’s perspective.

Not Exclusive and Unique

Numerous organizations and individuals may also use website templates that are not purchased for private use. When it would be uncommon for a website visitor to navigate two websites with the specific same template, it is not impossible, and with the most well-known templates, it occurs often. If a visitor sees multiple sites with the same design, that will negatively impact both websites.

Support is a Bit Limited

It’s usually based on functionality and not design. They’re not going to help you design your site. Especially if you purchase a template for WordPress or something like that and you’re self-installing, you don’t have any support. When you think about how many templates and how many updates you’re paying for, and how much extra support you’re going to need, sometimes it’s more expensive to go with the cheaper option.

Kind of like when you buy a cheap pair of socks and you have to keep replacing them versus buying an expensive pair, and you have to replace them less often, sometimes it makes more sense to invest in the beginning.

Not Search Engine Friendly

Template websites are usually designed for looks and visual appeal without any concern for search engine optimization, loading speed, and even mobile devices. Suppose a website is not search engine optimized, fast loading, or mobile-friendly. In that case, it is less likely to appear high enough in search results to make impressions on search engine users and, in turn, convert them to customers and website visitors.

No Contracts or Guarantees

In some instances, web developers will find templates that do not meet standards or are incomplete in the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or another coding. And with no contracts or guarantees when templates are downloaded or purchased, there’s no going back after an error is discovered. Website templates may save money and time initially, but it will cost more money, cause more problems, and create more limitations in the long run.

Disadvantages Of Using Website 
Image: Disadvantages of using website templates instead of custom web design

Advantages of Custom Web Design

What is so unique about custom websites is that the layout is completely custom-built for you. That means that the designer may take your company objectives and targets for people through the website; they could talk to your ideal customers and that you are attempting to sell. And they are able to make a customized experience built only on your targets and precisely what you are trying to do, both functionally and visually.

Unique Site Suited to Your Brand

Creating a website tailored for your company is imperative to attract prospective clients. Your site should speak about your business as it serves as your own brand image.

Having a pre-themed design in Content Management System, you are able to edit it with drag-and-drop tool to design specific parts on your site. You are just limited to the fonts, themes, and design for this theme only.

Even though you might customize your website, it looks like the rest of the sites on the internet that used the theme.

Flexible in Scalability

Maybe you’ve noticed the accessible programs listed in your preferred CMS. They come in three plans- Basic, Standard, and Premium, each with various offer. Custom-built sites allow complete scalability if you would like to cultivate your business on the internet.

Template websites do not permit you to do so. They restrict your scalability to what is contained in the Strategy only. If you want to upscale your business, you pay to get a new strategy.

No Limitations in Functionality

One significant benefit of custom-built websites is that you could turn them into anything you desire. You may fully optimize it for your company and customer’s navigation.

You’ve got more control over the template layout of your site. In case you’ve got a solid design team, you’ll get a well custom-made site prepared.

Better SEO

Web developers and SEO strategists who build sites from scratch may better optimize your website for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Web developers may add a custom-coded layout that allows better keyword penetration and attributes on the site. It is help in making your website SEO-friendly to grow brand awareness.

Upgrades And Security

With CMS, you wait around for upgrades which will occur — unannounced. And when that happens, a few of those updates will have your own UI, and the UX layout went erratic. Yes, it may mess up your designs and content. That will put up a fairly big hole in your site security too.

Developers frequently set a customized template utilizing a plugin to boost web security problems. And in case your pre-built theme is not regularly updated along with your CMS, it may be vulnerable to malicious attacks.

With custom-built sites, your developer will constantly make updates for you and protecting it from hackers.

Disadvantages of Custom Web Design

They Can Get Expensive.

Unless you have got the skills of coding and make a customized website yourself, the only work is to find and hire a good web designing company or team, to get your business on web. Employing fantastic company prices quite somewhat more than template websites, and you would have to create time to discover a team, draft a contract, then brainstorm and collaborate with the staff to make your site.

They Take Some Time.

Custom made sites take considerably longer to build than template websites that may be up and running in a couple of hours. A custom made sites are built from zero, it take time to create, test and be clear that the website is operating perfectly. This may take weeks, or even a month or two.

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our custom web design and custom web development services process
Image: our custom web design process

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